tion of a captain in the police force was natural. By the aid of Thuphrastos and others he succeeded in being elected, and had thus attained the end of his desires, but in doing so had by no means loosened the bond uniting them to the hetaeria. Sthenelus would have l
iked to be public herald, but he was a cripple and t
en with the serpent staves, the “friends of Zeu
fects.131 Therefore, like Lysiteles, he was obliged to wait until one of their more fortunately situated “friends” had been elected. Many of those chosen to fill public offices could have clerks, and to Sthenelus and Lysiteles, from whose houses smoke was never seen to rise, a clerk’s salary, though small, would hav
e been a real blessing from the gods. Thuphrastos t
alked of the numerous law cases that would pour in upon him when the time of his embassy had e
xpired. Oppressed citizens, informers who kn
ew that he had obtained money, envious fel
low solicitors—would all rush to him. “So it’s worth while, Friends, to be firm,” he said
the court.” This was evidently an allusion to a very aristocratic and distinguished man. It was a common custom to bring powerful families pon the judges. Xenocles who, from his impov
erished youth, had cherished a special reverence for all prominent personages, raised his head like a horse pricking its ears. “Hipyllos’ uncle?” he asked, “who is that?” “The former archon, Euthydemus.” “An archon!” repeated Xenocles, gazing at Hipyllos as though the latter had suddenly grown taller. Hipyllos thought of pretty Clytie, and did not lose his opportunity. “Why yes,” he said carelessly, “our family is said132 to descend from
the Pallantidae, Theseus’ old antago
nists. It has numbered not a few archons, among th
em one whose name you all know—Lacrateides.” “What!?/wbr>?exclaimed Lamon with unexpected energy, “the on
e in whose archonship the severe winter happened.
My grandmother often spoke of it. The roads were covered with snow, and poor people struggled for ro
om in the baths so that some fell on the stoves
los. “A descendant of Lacrateides!” h
e exclaimed, clasping both his hands. “Excellent yo

ens—and you never mentioned it till now!” Thuphrastos, to whom this inter

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ruption seemed long, loudly cleared his throat. “To business!” he said harshly. “What do you think? Shall we deal with Megas, the dyer?” “He is a man

highly esteemed,” replied Lamon. “His whole family connection see with his eyes and speak with his lips. He disposes of numerous votes.” “Megas!” exclaimed Sthenelus, “The dyer without a work-shop ... yes, by Zeus, I know him. He’s a man of strict Spartan manners—always goes plainly dressed and bare-footed.... But when this pattern of manly sobriety meets his companions at night there is—I swear to you—no infamy that is not committed. To me that Megas is detestable.” “Well, there is Medon, the brass-founder,” said Xenocles. “He’s a pleasanter fellow to bargain with.133 Do you know him?—A stout, sun-burned man, who loves wine and is always laughing. His family is even more numerous than the one of which Megas is head.” “Why not win them both?” asked Hipyllos. “There isn’t money enough,” replied Thuphrastos.

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“Shall it be Medon?” said Xenocles. After some discussion, this was generally approved. “But,” said Hipyllos, more thoughtful than

some of the older men, “if Megas finds out that we go to Medon—will he not be

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lso thought his manner strange, and determined to keep a watchful eye upon him. Hip     admin     3 Comments

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vexed and perhaps betray us?” XI. As a captain in the mounted police Hipyllos was obliged to have a helmet, breast-plate, shield, lance, sword, and spurs; besides the armor required for the forehead, chest, and flanks of the horse. The greater part of this costly equipment was made by the armorer Sauros. The

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yllos was very differently situated. As, with his fortune, he belonged to the class of     admin     3 Comments

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latter did not live, like most of those who followed his trade, in the Scambonidae quarter of the city, but in the street of the sun-dials, and his forge was in the alley obliquely opposite to the side-building of Xenocles’ house. This was a place Hipyllos never wearied of visiting; merely to know he was near

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“knights” and was bound to serve in the mounted troops with the weapons, horses     admin     3 Comments

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pretty Clytie was a delight to him. The day after the meeting at Thuphrastos’ house, he was to try on the cuirass. He reached Sauros’ shop just at twilight. The smith had gone out, but a134 young slave who was filing a metal plate thought he would soon return. The work-shop was filled wit

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, and other costly outfit incidental to this duty, the thought of obtaining the posi     admin     3 Comments

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h smoke and unpleasant odors, so Hipyllos preferred to wait outside. A luxuriant garden extended to a slope, along which ran a walk overgrown with vines supported on cross-bars resting on tall poles. The end of this walk, where Hipyllos stood, was closed by a dilapidated wall.

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A wide view was obtained from this place. At the left rose the hill of the Museium and farther on the Acropolis towered into the air. The streets, trees, and houses between stood forth in dusky outlines amid the gloom of twilight. Lamps shone here and there. The sky


ung man! You belong to one of the noblest ra

ces in Ath
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was slightly overcast, and the foliage exhaled a strong odor as though it was going to rain. Ever and anon a sleepy gust of wind stirred the damp air. Everything expressed peace and rest, and the most profound silence reigned in this quarter of the city. Suddenly light footsteps and myster

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